SmallBasic on Mac OSX

SmallBASIC implementations: 

I have been running SmallBasic on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04LTS) and also a Raspberry Pi and an Odroid C2 for a while now. However, I have always wanted to get it running on my Apple Mac. Having had some spare time recently I had a go and the following outlines the sequence I used to achieve this.

Setup and required packages for MacOSX (Sierra 10.12.5).

I already had the Xcode command line tools (which includes git, gcc and g++) and brew (package manager) installed on my system. However, it is fairly straight forward to set this up.

The following required packages were installed using brew from a terminal window. Just type at the prompt:

brew install sdl2

brew install freetype
brew link --overwrite freetype

brew install fontconfig
brew install autotools
brew install automake
brew install autoconf

Next download the SmallBasic source code from git:

git clone

cd SmallBASIC


./configure --enable-sdl


cd /src/platform/sdl

Then type the following to run the executable:


I also created an alias link on the Mac desktop (using the Finder) to make it easier to run in a normal Mac environment.

The result is SmallBasic that looks and feels the same as the Linux or Raspberry Pi versions.

I hope that the above is useful and might encourage some Mac users to give SmallBasic a go.

Cheers, Mark

Thanks for your instructions. I'll add them to the README file.

(This reminds me, I've been very slack with updating the AUTHORS file)