Flame on.bas

Oh, fire was pretty easy when get right briefing...

' flame on.bas SmallBASIC 0.12.9 (B+=MGA) 2017-11-22

xxmax = 140 : yymax = 55 'pixels too slow
xstep = xmax/xxmax : ystep = ymax/yymax
dim p(300) 'pallette
for i = 1 to 100
fr = 240*i/100 + 15
p(i) = rgb(fr, 0, 0)
p(i+100) = rgb(255, fr, 0)
p(i+200) = rgb(255, 255, fr)
dim f(xxmax, yymax) 'fire array and seed
for x = 0 to xxmax
f(x, yymax-1) = int(rnd*2)*300
f(x, yymax) = 300
while 1 'main fire
for x = 1 to xxmax-1 'shift fire seed a bit
r = rnd
if r < .15 then
f(x, yymax-1) = f(x-1, yymax-1)
elif r < .3 then
f(x, yymax-1) = f(x+1, yymax-1)
elif r < .35 then
f(x, yymax-1) = int(rnd*2)*300
end if
for y = 0 to yymax-2 'fire based literally on 4 pixels below it like cellular automata
for x = 1 to xxmax-1
f(x, y) = max( (f(x-1, y+1) + f(x, y+1) +f(x+1, y+1) +f(x-1, y+2) )/4 - 7, 0)
rect x*xstep, y*ystep, step xstep+1, ystep+1, p(f(x, y)) filled
delay 10

Marshmallows, hot chocolate or coffee :)

Today in USA, we have turkey.

I am a chess nutz fan myself in the dressing or roasted over an open fire.

Marshmallows in hot chocolate... Yummo.

I had turkey many years ago, ate too much to the point of being ill, haven't had any since. Prefer chicken. Never had chestnuts nor found the need to. You are obviously referring to Thanksgiving. If so, happy thanksgiving... I am not sure if that is the right statement. I could have said 'merry' but I think that word has been set aside for big fat guy...

Anyway, have a great day...


for us, is today. BUT!

It has become overshadowed by an even bigger EVENT, Black Friday!

That is when all the coffee makers (and some other things) go on sale at 50% off!

Last night we got our morning paper before 12:30 AM and it weighed more than two Sunday papers, all Ads!