SmallBASIC version 0.12.2 has been released


The changes are:

Implemented loading recent files via ALT+1 .. ALT+9, Display the list with ALT+0
Fix potential editor crash with empty support widget
Fix potential crash with debug target
Fix restore path to only function when no other arguments supplied

Please let me know if you find any problems. Enjoy!

SDL/Runtime version notes

SmallBASIC implementations: 

How to use better looking fonts in the Windows version

1. Envy font

- Download

- Unzip and copy "Envy Code R.ttf" and "Envy Code R Bold.ttf"
into the same folder as sbasicg.exe.

2. Adobe Source Code Pro

- Download

First Factors MGA.bas

Title: First Factors

Category: Mathematics
Copyright: MGA
Created: 10/19/14

'First Factors MGA.BAS 10/19/14
'modified 10/24/14 with screen displays improvement a neat general code tip!
' for email to SmallBASIC crew


'Written for Smallbasic
'Aug 2013 - S Virjee
centerx = xmax / 2
centery = ymax / 2
iter = 20
zoom = 2.8
rect xmin,ymin, xmax, ymax color 1 FILLED
pqsq = (p*p + q*q)
L = (sqr(p*p + q*q) - 1/iter)*(sqr(p*p + q*q) - 1/iter)
H = (sqr(p*p + q*q) + 1/iter)*(sqr(p*p + q*q) + 1/iter)

for x = -centerx to centerx


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