Android version release history

0.12.10 TBA, 2017

ANDROID: Fix crash when exporting from IDE
ANDROID: Fix exit when navigating to non-permitted path
COMMON: Add support code arrays declared over multiple lines
COMMON: Assign multiple variables from an ARRAY (1)
COMMON: Can now declare an empty array with: a=[]
COMMON: FUNC can now use RETURN statement as synonym for FUNCNAME=result (1)
COMMON: Fix FUNC call as pseudo class method (1)
COMMON: Fix inline local variable declaration for complex assignments
COMMON: Fix issue with INPUT command
COMMON: Fix line number count when using multi-line strings
COMMON: Fix potential infinite loop using the MAX command
COMMON: Fix square bracket access to 2D arrays
COMMON: Implemented Maxint system constant (1)
COMMON: Implemented Nil system constant (1)
COMMON: Implemented OPTION AUTOLOCAL runtime option (2)
COMMON: MID, LEFT, RIGHT, REPLACE, INSTR, RINSTR no longer error on invalid pos input
COMMON: Now errors when using a keyword as part of a MAP variable
COMMON: Minor performance optimisations
COMMON: REPLACE str argument can now be a number type
COMMON: SUB can now use RETURN statement (1)
COMMON: VAL command now ignores any input trailing non digit chars
UI: The FORM command now reports an error when IMAGE input fails to load

(1) See 2048.bas for examples
(2) OPTION AUTOLOCAL causes all variables used only inside a SUB or FUNC to have local scope.

0.12.9 April 15, 2017

Allow input of special characters
Added share command
Fix ‘?’ key input using gboard
Select alternative font
Allow array access via [] characters
Can now attach SUB/FUNCs as MAP fields
Clear out of scope CATCH variables
Create MAP from single line JSON without ARRAY command
Fix internal error handling long string variables
Python style here-document
Update parameter handling for performance
Added “Save-As” option to the file menu (thanks Josip)
CIRCLE drawing is now anti-aliased
Fixed cursor when displaying the popup while editing
Added menu widget (three vertical dots)
Improved CIRCLE performance

0.12.8 October 22, 2016

Added android TTS handling
Added android SENSOR handling
Added android LOCATION handling
Added sound. Play .WAV files using PLAY
Fixed regression with array parsing
Updated error message when calling built-in FUNC without assigning the result
Fixed TAB to use character positions not pixels
Fixed issue with nested try/catch
Fixed error handling for invalid JOIN input
Fixed SPLIT to include final empty position

0.12.7 September 17, 2016

Updates to improve performance and stability
Fixed issues with various keywords
See desktop release notes page for details.

0.12.6 May 15, 2016

Updates to improve performance and stability
Fixed issues with various keywords
See desktop release notes page for details.

0.12.5 February 13, 2016

  • Fix POINT to return correct values
  • Added “Desktop shortcut” menu option

0.12.4 February 1, 2016

  • Fix pause and resume handling, see
  • Added caching of online samples to avoid reloading over the network
  • Pressing the back button from an online sample now returns to the samples home page
  • The shell program now does case-less .bas file sorting

0.12.1 November 29, 2015

  • Fix image drawing for large images
  • Fix PAINT infinite loop
  • Fix crash with online command if site is down
  • Fix over scroll issue with line number widget
  • Fix file manager .bas file case sensitivity
  • Fix editor markup on map fields that look like keywords
  • Fix scanner inserting line-no bytecode for empty or comment lines
  • Fix editor run error message display time length
  • Implemented calling IMAGE with another image variable

0.12.0 October 26, 2015

  • Added built-in editor
  • Fix display output before DELAY
  • Fix LET when assigning a value to a MAP/ARRAY field
  • Fix TSAVE with try/catch
  • Fix PRINT 1/1000 and other floating point rounding issues
  • Fix problem with 59 char INPUT prompt
  • Removed obsolete/unimplemented keywords WSPLIT, PLOT2, UNLOADLIB
  • Added multi-item case selection

0.11.17 March 22, 2015

  • Now uses the Light Holo theme to display menus and messages.
  • Fixed exit crash with android 5 devices.
  • Updated to freetype version 2.5.5 and NDK version r10d
  • Improved graphics and runtime performance.
  • Source code view displays line numbers
  • Source code view displays error information for program error line
  • Line drawing now uses antialiasing to produce smoother looking lines.
  • Improved syntax error messages
  • Updated the PAUSE statement to allow waiting until a system event has occurred
  • Improved INPUT widget including clipboard handling.
  • Update INKEY to return ALT, CTRL, ALT+CTRL key information
  • Added timer func support.
  • Refactor FORM handling to use system object
  • Update IMAGE handling
  • Added WINDOW system object to control the ansiwidget

See the Release notes article for more information

0.11.11 July 28, 2014

  • Fix build to use correct processor optimisations
  • Fix rotation crash
  • Updated display handling for long clickable links
  • Updated system menu
  • Text size now based on system settings

0.11.10 July 19, 2014

  • Add missing SD card read/write permissions
  • Updated FRE command. -10 = Total RAM, -11 = Used, -12 = Free

0.11.9 July 17, 2014

  • Fix crash in android 4.4 (tested by Joey and using AVD)

0.11.8 July 16, 2014

  • Fix crash in android 4.4 (tested using AVD)
  • Built with latest ADK

0.11.7 July 12, 2014

  • Fix crash in android 4.4
  • Sound now uses the music/games stream

0.11.6 June 22, 2014

  • Implemented BEEP/SOUND. Only background play mode is supported.
  • Implemented launch by URL. This allows SmallBASIC programs to be embedded in a QR code and launched from a separate QR code reader program. The URL format is smallbasic://x/CODE. CODE can URL encoded text, or BASE64 gzipped text. I’ll make a web page to create the image if there is enough interest. Note, programs launched via QR codes will not be able to execute any of the FILE based commands.
  • Implemented screen layout handling to adjust the display when the virtual keypad is displayed.
  • Fixed potential crash evaluating “a \\ b”.
  • Fixed a display issue when scrolling beyond the virtual screen size.
  • The printed Web Service information now includes the system IP address.
  • Updated support tools; android-ndk-r9d, freetype-2.5.3, libpng-1.6.12.

0.11.5 Jan 4, 2014

  • Replaced battery drain error with console warning.
  • Console is now a graphics screen.
  • Fixed minor display and event handler bugs affecting some samples programs.

0.11.4 Dec 18, 2013

  • Built with android NDK for performance and to allow future versions to use native app features.
  • Added web service for remote file edit/run.
  • Can now launch bas files from Android file browser.
  • Added restart command.
  • Supports empty parentheses in sub/func calls.

0.11.3 Dec 19, 2012

  • AT and PEN now work with WINDOW based coordinates. This will allow programs written for PalmOS to appear correctly on modern mobile screen resolutions.

0.11.2 Dec 8, 2012

  • Added the ability to change the font size

0.11.1 Nov 30, 2012

  • First android release, built with Mosync