FLTK version release history

SmallBASIC implementations: 

0.11.16 Thursday, 2/10/2014

  • Release for 32 bit linux. This release includes language and performance improvements. See release notes page.

0.11.11 Sat, 26/07/2014

  • Release for 64 bit linux. This is mostly the same as the Windows version.

0.11.5 Sun, 20/04/2014

  • The main change is a common display widget shared with the Android port. This provides vertical scrolling and multi-screen support.
  • The File/Export command allows you to develop SmallBASIC programs on your desktop computer, then export and run them directly on your Android device.

0.10.7 Tue, 18/05/2010

  • Remembers the current size of the main window after closing.
  • Feature to prevent the compiler errors from scrolling off the screen.
  • Fixed bug with SELECT CASE syntax
  • Fixed a bug with mouse coordinates

0.10.6 Tue, 15/12/2009

  • Fix for Matrix inversion bug
  • Fix for Scientific notation bug
  • Updated editor tool-bar
  • Implemented a new log window which can also be used as the output window when working with text only programs.

0.10.5 Fri, 09/04/2009

  • Update the window layout/design

0.10.4 Wed, 08/05/2009

  • Updated DOFORM API (see previous forum comments).
  • Updated memoryTest.bas and calc.bas samples showing how to use the updated DOFORM API
  • Implemented the ability to set the editor font and syntax colors.
  • Implemented a variant of the “ELIF” statement, “ELSE IF”
  • The file open widget now displays sorted columns
  • Updated internal variables to be 64 bits wide.
  • Partial fix for inverse bug caused by a divide by zero error of intermediate results. The final return value can still be skewed due to rounding.

0.10.2 Fri, 28/11/2008

  • PEN statement now returns correct coordinates
  • Implements a new editor command for renaming variables
  • Package includes additional sample programs

0.10.1 Sat, 16/08/2008

  • Allows you to open multiple editor tabs.
  • Drag and drop files from windows explorer into the File widget.
  • Hide editor mode which (sort of) makes your program appear as a standalone application
  • Updated online Help system integrated with this web site.
  • Includes various language enhancements described in the previous article.

0.9.7 – Sunday 5 February 2006 (2K/XP)

  • Updated with latest FLTK changes.
  • Added SELECT/CASE syntax.
  • Toolbar hotkeys: CTRL+f=find, CTRL+g=goto, CTRL+h=funclist.
  • Fixed socket functionality for XP build.
  • HTML Widget now supports text selection/clipboard copy.
  • TLOAD command supports file number or a filename. It can also now be used to read an entire web page. Refer to the snarf.bas sample file.
  • Variables that end with a keyword name (eg str_len) are no longer color-ised with the keyword color.
  • The toolbar now lives at the bottom of the editor window.
  • Font size (increase/decrease) is now a menu option and also operates on HTML output windows. – Sunday 4 September 2005 (2K/XP)

  • Added Open Recent File menu option.
  • Fixed problem with output tab resizing (FLTK v2 co-evolution).
  • Fixed problem with RGB color display.
  • Updated editor color handling.
  • Reworked PEN and PEN handling. No longer tied to Turbo option.
  • Keyboard handler now correctly initialised at program start.
  • Implemented visual bracket matching indicator.
  • Updated for FLTK API changes.
  • FORM buttons no longer display outside the FORM bounds.
  • CTRL+F key sequence sets focus to toolbar search. Can now also press ENTER from the search and goto-line boxes to return focus to the editor.
  • Executes $HOME/.smallbasic/init.bas at program startup. This allows you to specifiy alternative environment settings such as INDENT_LEVEL.
  • Indent now defaults to 2 spaces.
  • Added ‘choice’ option to form buttons.
  • Added box and background color options to the FORM conrol.
  • Included “Memory Test” sample application.
  • FORM widgets can now be modeless. Call DOFORM with a single argument prior to calling TEXT or BUTTON to enter the modeless state, use a PEN loop to drive the internal system event handler, then test if a BUTTON variable equals 1 indicating a button press. – Sunday 17 July 2005 – hbtm :) (2K/XP)

  • Keyword completion. Position the cursor at the end of a partially entered keyword then press ALT+’/” until the desired keyword appears.
  • Change cASE command – cycles between ‘CASE’, ‘case’ and ‘Case’ styles. Position the cursor on a keyword then press ALT+‘c’ until the desired Case style appears.
  • Context help. Position the cursor on a keyword then press F1.
  • Sub-Func toolbar search tool. Click the “Update” item to scan for Sub/Funcs. The list is then populated with search items allowing you to quickly navigate around the current file.
  • Adjustable editor font size. – Sunday 12 June 2005 (Linux)

  • Updated toolbar. – Monday 16 May 2005 (2K/XP)

  • New improved HTML widget including GUI support. Allows for separation of UI and program logic. Included Calculator example.
  • Integrated indexed help text.
  • Smart line indentation. – Saturday 18 Dec 2004 (2K/XP)

  • Syntax high-lighting: keywords functions procedures comments.
  • New/updated commands, see below.
  • Support for Plug-ins. Allows the editor to be extended with programs written in SmallBASIC.