Editing in SmallBasic

Does anyone know if there is a way to separate the backspace and the delete keys when reading them into a program using INKEY? As far as I can tell they both produce the same escape sequence.

Hi - it depends on the version of SmallBASIC you are using. It might be possible in the FLTK version.

I noticed that Keith.Lovell asked this same question about a year before.

I have the same ASC number 127 for both delete and backspace keys with version 11.5 That is weird, how does the computer know the difference?

But Keith mentions "escape sequence", I looked up escape sequences to see if font size could be improved, no luck. They are written about in Wiki.

Are you trying to build an editor? The thought has crossed my mind because sometimes lineinput is not enough. My experiments with "text" have been miserable crash after crash.


I'm working on some changes in this area and will release another update soon-ish.


I am so encouraged to hear from you (or is it your AI).

MGA version 10/22/14 1.38p

You probably already know but just in !case.

I started work on a pure text EditBox to emulate a Windows Textbox without mouse or buttons or forms, maybe something for TinyBasic and so I am testing a number of keys and am a bit shocked no number at all for Home.
No difference between the arrow keys and the shift+arrow keys. Contol+ c,x,v work but what to cut copy paste if no shift. control+arrows same as arrows... it's going to be a really basic EditBox!!!

So with these results I go back to Memory Test.bas from Code Library to give DoForm and Text another shot and Text is not to be found in the copy from my download or in the library code. I made comments of others problems there with code.

MGA version 10/24/14 1.28p