Poly2.bas fixup for Windows 7-64

' poly2.bas SmallBASIC modified from samples 2015-04-23 MGA/B+
' fixed up and improved Spiro2 proper display in Windows 7-64
sq=600 : xy0=sq/2 : d=3
rect 0,0,sq,sq, 0 filled
locate 0,100: ? " "
locate 0,100: ? "Here is "+d+" point poly!"
dim x(d)
dim y(d)
for i=0 to dm
for i=0 to 1
for a=dm to 0 step -1
c=c+1 : if c>15 then c=1
for b=dm to 0 step -1
circle x(b),y(b),2 color c filled
line x(a),y(a),x(b),y(b) color c
delay 30
next : next
locate 3,100 :? "sigh, rest 3 secs..."
if d=27 then pause 30 else pause 3
locate 3,100 :? " "
'black out
for a=dm to 0 step -1
for b=dm to 0 step -1
circle x(b),y(b),2 color 0 filled
line x(a),y(a),x(b),y(b),0
delay 5
next : next:
until d=28
locate 5,100:? " ******************"
locate 6,100:? "*** Good Night ***"
locate 7,100:? " ******************"

In poly2.bas the locate and print "" is supposed to block out the previous print statement and therefore the empty "" is longer than it appears on this forum text.

Also extra spaces removed in Good Night line.

Excellent stuff. You/we should make YouTube videos of these interesting animations.

About the LINE statement; in recent versions I added anti-aliased line drawing to smoother looking gradients. This looks nice but has a funny side affect where using LINE to erase a previous line doesn't quite erase everything (the blended pixels stay behind). You can turn off anti-alias line drawing by adding the following statement to the top of your program:

option predef antialias off

Alternatively, just redraw everything in the refresh loop, then use the SHOWPAGE command to update the screen in one operation.

Btw, I still need to make an update of the desktop version with these changes.

With the forum problem, have you tried the other text format options?

YouTube for you maybe, I am still going through SmallBASIC's samples and remembering what Basic I knew some 20 years ago, the selection here is nicely varied.

"Anti-aliased" what a word! I never noticed problem of drawing over line with black to "erase".

I did notice a problem experimenting with PAINT yesterday in Lava program. It seems when ever I changed code with edit, the program would hang on the Paint statements. The fix was to exit the program and then restart the whole thing up again, worked fine then. I change code allot so was not too fun, ...odd (Windows 7-64 system).

The forum software is obviously not designed for code. Both plain text and Html options eliminate empty space and tabs. (Good luck Python coders!) Html also does stuff with <> symbols for obvious reasons. I should probably submit code in emails but I know you are busy. Actually I spend my time mostly on the forum found through link from here, all kinds of BASICs show up and compared.