What Happened to code?

What happened to code I just tested with Code Formatter that seemed to work, preserving indents from spaces and tabs?

The whole topic disappeared?

Testing Code formatter for text format with code I am working on:

'color chart.bas SmallBASIC modified 2015-04-27
'2015-04-28 a work in progress MGA/B+
locate 0,19:?"***  RGB Color Values and Chart  ***"
rect 30,20,455,100
rect 31,21,454,99,15 filled
locate 8,7:? "e-/r+ for red  "
locate 8,27:?"f-/g+ for green"
locate 8,47:?"v-/+b for blue"
sq=30: yoff=140
for i = 0 to 207
   row=int(i/16):col=i mod 16
   if i>-1 and i<16 then c=rgb(c,c,c)
   if i>15 and i<32 then c=rgb(c,0,0)
   if i>31 and i<48 then c=rgb(0,c,0)
   if i>47 and i<64 then c=rgb(0,0,c)
   if i>63 and i<80 then c=rgb(c,c,0)
   if i>79 and i<96 then c=rgb(c,0,c)
   if i>95 and i<112 then c=rgb(0,c,c)
   if i>111 and i<128 then c=rgb(255,c,0)
   if i>127 and i<144 then c=rgb(255,0,c)
   if i>143 and i<160 then c=rgb(c,255,0)
   if i>159 and i<176 then c=rgb(0,255,c)
   if i>175 and i<192 then c=rgb(c,0,255)
   if i>191 and i<208 then c=rgb(0,c,255)
   rect cx,cy step sq-1,sq-1, c filled
while asc(k)<>27
   locate 7,13:? "    "
   locate 7,13:? r
   locate 7,33:? "    "
   locate 7,33:? g
   locate 7,53:? "    "
   locate 7,53:? b
   rect 40,30,445,90,c filled
   if k="e" then r=r-5:if r<0 then r=0 
   if k="r" then r=r+5:if r>255 then r=255
   if k="f" then g=g-5:if g<0 then g=0
   if k="g" then g=g+5:if g>255 then g=255 
   if k="v" then b=b-5:if b<0 then b=0
   if k="b" then b=b+5:if b>255 then b=255
locate 37,26:? "*****************"
locate 38,26:? "***  goodbye! ***"
locate 39,26:? "*****************"

OK looks good in Preview, will it get saved to forum?

Looks like code is undisturbed, indents and <> all seem to be there including " " empty print strings.
This code needed them all.