SmallBASIC version 0.11.17 (Windows) has been released


SmallBASIC version 0.11.17 for Windows is now available.

This is a runtime only version of SmallBASIC without any IDE.

You should find a reasonable performance improvement over previous windows versions.

Note, the source code for the FLTK IDE version is still available, but the required version 2 FLTK library is obsolete and no longer supported.

I think there might be a bug, I am using on Windows 7-64 and when done I have tried pressing the backspace key and several other combinations of keys but nothing works, I have to start all over again and restart for each .bas file.

I see now what you are talking about with Poly2.bas about lines not erasing and I wonder how many other things are new.

By the way, Lava and Circles do seem to work better from on-line samples.

Mark alias MGA alias B+

Hi Mark,

There is more information about general changes here:
I think you'll like the SHOWPAGE command. Btw, your new programs are very cool.

When you see "Done - press back" atm you need to right click and then select the "back" menu option. In android you press the actual back soft-key. Yes it's a bug, the desktop version should also use the keyboard backspace key for this option.


Right click and back, does get me back. I will check into new features and submit program updates.


Hi Chris,

There is zoom in the right click menus as well as looks into the source code...

These things should be mentioned in announcements.

My eyes say thank you!


Live Update [OFF/ON] what is this?

Well maybe the answer to my question might be in the Source Code which may also be found right off the Menu that pops up with a Right Click. Wait... all that code for that Menu maybe in the Source Code listing? Well I will just have to study it more! It seems a good tutorial on how to use form and buttons and a bunch of other things I am unfamiliar.

I was going to ask how to stop a program that is running that was designed to be stopped in an editor, you know one of those never ending:

While 1
           (with no End in sight, in between!)

programs, but I discovered that the Right Click solves that problem too! A right click is as good as clicking the break button in the editor.


The "idea" of live update is, you are editing in a separate editor while your program is running in SmallBASIC. When you hit save in the editor, SmallBASIC notices the file has changed and reloads the program. This gives you instant feedback on your changes.

The feature is kind-of useful, but has a problem - you may need to make an event (eg move the mouse) to exit the system get-events call to move things along.

Thanks Chris,

I see this as a weening away from the IDE. I guess I better get up to speed with these event things.
I imagine keeping the editor debugged for each OS and being cross platform is big hassle.