I found a nice library to use as the basis for a multi-line text editor in the SDL version. The code is: https://github.com/nothings/stb. This will mean the android version will also get an editor. I'll include this in the next release. The stb image library also looks promising, the current library I'm using only supports PNG.

The editor is progressing well. I've added a screenshot to show the current work in progress (see "Screenshots").

It now has most of the features of the FLTK based editor. There will also be a much improved undo/redo command. The "Live Mode" selection is now a three-state control between IDE, Live-Mode and OFF. The styling is inspired by the github "atom" editor.

I always liked the FLTK editor because I could look at code and output screen but I 'd often forget to close the running program before more editing. Seeing the keyword "translate" in a help screenshot reminds me I want to revisit Eliza code using it.

Thanks for the feedback. I should add a feature to toggle back/preview the output screen (it would be what ever was there when your program terminated). Btw, I did the edx cs188x AI course earlier this year. Still planning to play around with some of the concepts in SmallBASIC.