SmallBASIC version 0.11.19 (Windows) has been released


The changes are:

Fix display output before DELAY
Fix LET command problem found in 32bit linux
Removed obsolete/unimplemented keywords WSPLIT, PLOT2, UNLOADLIB
Made a few minor performance improvements
Fixed PRINT 1/1000 and other floating point rounding issues
Fixed problem with 59 char INPUT prompt
Added missing PEN(12) support
Added multi-item case selection (suggestion by James Grimaldi)
SDL: Updated display of file anchor links
SDL: Fix drag-drop from explorer to launch programs
SDL: Added missing IDE editor

Example for multi-item case selection:

select case "Cool"
case "null", 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,"Cool","blah"
case "not cool"
throw "epic fail"
case else
throw "FAIL"
end select

Using the editor:
- Right click to display the context menu, then select the "Editor" option.
- Clicking a .bas file will now cause the file to be opened for editing rather than directly running the program.
- Press CTRL + h to display the available keyboard shortcuts.

The editor is still ALPHA but should be fairly usable. Please report any problems you may find.

I do like that the font is now sizable and I don't have to squint with the output screen.

Plus, having Cut, Copy and Paste available now from a right mouse click was dearly missed by this Windows user, thank you!

I am wondering if the full set of menu features found in the old Windows IDE might be returned from a right mouse click.

For example Right click mouse and have a Files option from which one may click New, Save, Save AS...
Since Cut, Copy, Paste already taken from Edit menu add a Search menu for Find...
Basically take everything that was in the IDE menu and have it accessible from a Right mouse click if the GUI menu is no longer desirable.
I confess I am not big fan of short-cut keys since being spoiled by Windows clicking.

And it appears one may toggle through 3 modes: Editor On, Editor OFF and Editor Live
What is Editor Live?

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I like your menu idea, I'll put this into the next release.

The editor live mode option is from the previous version where your program file is monitored for changes; the program is restarted when a change is detected. The idea is to get immediate feedback when ever you hit save in an external editor (or the SB editor in another instance).