SmallBASIC version 0.11.20 (Windows) has been released


The changes are:

Editor fixes:
- Now displays an i-beam/edit cursor
- Fixed highlighting for numbers and keywords
- Pressing F1 key for keywords surrounded by punctuation now works correctly
- Fixed page scrolling with up/down arrow keys
- Pressing tab at the bottom no longer jumps to the top
- The editor context menu now includes additional items
- Added editor bookmark/breakpoint handling

Added a basic debugger:
- Debugging relies on a network socket for communication between the two processes.
- You may need to accept a firewall warning to allow this communication.
- The default listening port number is 4000. This can be changed with a startup option, for example:
sbasic -p 4001

To debug a program:
- Turn on editing. Display the context menu (right mouse click), then click the "Editor" option.
It should show "Editor [ON]" when you next re-display the context menu.
- Navigate to a .BAS file, then click the file name. This should display the program in the editor.
- Press F5. A new window should appear.
- Press F6 to step thru each program line, or press F7 to continue
- Press ESC to end the debugging session.
- To set a breakpoint, press Ctrl+T (C-t) on the desired program line.
- The breakpoint doubles as a bookmark. Press (C-g) to goto the next bookmark/breakpoint line.
- Now when you press F7 in a debug session, the program will pause at the breakpoint line.

Debugger limitations:
- The variables/stack data is currently unnamed.
- The bytecode includes redundant line information for full comment lines