SmallBASIC version 0.12.0 has been released


The changes are:

Update PEN(3) to work more like FLTK
Fix LET when assigning a value to a MAP/ARRAY field
Fix display output before PEN
Fix BOLD and ITALIC font display
Fix TSAVE with try/catch
Added context menu edit keyword completion
Editor line number widget can be used for scrolling
Updated editor help display

The Windows, Linux and Android versions are now all the same.

Coming soon.. build for Raspberry PI.

hey new icon and coming along nicely. I think I missed the scrolling and didn't realize that was it. Help is convenient now too!
I do miss tabbed windows and a "Save As" File menu item. Still nice improvements to Run Time.

New file menu item, I just noticed last night and automatically dates. My folder/menu is so full I don't get to see the top of it very often unless I look for it.

If you get stuck in the help side, try esc to close the help widget. esc was also handy after a run stopped at an error, could not edit that error until esc released whatever was preventing the edit.

Alt+t (t is for theme) to toggle between different shades in the edit window, they are all dark (which might be better for the eyes) but some contrast print better than others.

I have also noticed that when copy/paste code with CR+LF line endings, you will be carried to next line if you start typing past the end of the line.

I have also noticed that tabbing through pasted code to get all indentations lined up, often slips up after IF statements (multi-line ones) and you have to manually space the first line after to get the indents lined up again.

Ctrl+h will help list short cut keys like ctrl+a to select all text (again esc to get out of help)