Code Library Update


Code Library>System>ppad.bas has been updated. You may use it for getting text input from mouse clicks. I have attempted to make it adjustable to any size screen including using a smaller character set (42) if a larger one (63) won't fit.

This should work better than the code listing before which was missing crucial code for determining which "key" was clicked.

Both Graphics and Games Categories in the Code Library ran out of room so I started second pages on both and renamed original pages Graphics 1 and Games 1 for the older programs. All the files under Graphics > 2015 sub page, have been relocated to Graphics 2 in order to find that set easier.

Also, although we have a started a Code Demos page in the Code Library, Chris pointed out that one can access examples of Commands and Keywords from the Language reference section of this site. Click a blue underline keyword and you get a brief description of what it is and also you are linked to examples of usage in code which could be very handy if the brief description hasn't helped.

I do think code that features mainly the keyword and how it is used will also be helpful - > goal of Code Demo section.