Offline help text updated


I've updated the offline help text. The new file is here:

This is a complete extract from the Language Reference section, including all comments.

I have also update the generator program to use JSON in lieu of CSV as the input file format (as output from mysql)

The JSON export (from database) file is also available:

The updated generator program is here:

If anyone is using the extended help system I setup, they will have to change line 15 to
dot=instr(fs,". (") ' there is a space between . and (
in the setup extended help.bas file to get a new index and cat lists files for sbref_v2.txt
and of course the file name from _v1 to _v2 in both the setup extended help.bas file and the SB extended help.bas file.

The sbref_v1 files was 52 KB the new sbref_v2 file is 94 KB, not bad, we almost doubled the total information with comments on about a dozen keywords.

Hey! SHOWPAGE is in there now and FORM replaced DOFORM.

Thank you.

It will be useful to add the version in "Download":

Language Reference

"Offline help text - sbref_v2.txt"

Yes, it was handy for me to get new version from download section at this site, sbref_v2.tx.

Something did not work from link given (for me, at the time) but download from this site worked fine.

Append: Oh, yes! a label saying what version the download is would help.