SmallBASIC version 0.12.8 has been released


The changes are:

Added android TTS handling.
Added android SENSOR handling.
Added android LOCATION handling.
Added sound. Play .WAV files using PLAY("file://" + path).
Fixed web server file handling in windows version.
Fixed regression with array parsing.
Updated error message when calling built-in FUNC without assigning the result.
Fixed TAB to use character positions not pixels.
Fixed issue with nested try/catch.
Fixed error handling for invalid JOIN input.
Fixed SPLIT to include final empty position.
Fixed Clear keyboard buffer before pause.
Fixed cursor display with INPUT command.
Fixed error handling when passing arg to built-in no-arg FUNCS.
Fixed an issue with screenshots on windows caused by path handling.

For information about how to use TTS, LOCATION and SENSOR data retrieval on Android, see:

Google play store still offers v.0.12.7 :(

Tested the new v. on win, looks great!

Thanks for your excellent job!


Thanks Chris,

I tried this in Windows 10 laptop:

i = 1 to 10
play "file://" + "bling.wav"
delay 50
play "file://pop.wav"
delay 100
play "file://" + "dead.wav"
delay 50
play "file://flap.wav"
delay 100

No sound and no errors and does seem to pause for right amount of time. Files in same folder as test bas code. Sounds are fine from Windows Media player.

Currently the only supported audio format on the desktop version is 44100Hz mono .wav files. You should see a warning message in the Console screen if there is a problem opening the file. On the android version a variety of formats are supported (as provided by android).

The only time I can see the console when running this program from Desktop is to put program in infinite loop, then while it is running I can get console option from a right click menu, then it only says what file and bytes I have opened.

Oh, I found an audio on, off toggle in same menu. It was off. But when I switched it on, still no sound.

There is nothing in properties window that tells what kind of wav file these are.

You should try installing "audacity" to make the 44.1KHz mono sounds.

It would have been better if I made the PLAY command throw an error when the format is not supported, but for now it just prints a message onto the console screen.

Well I looked into that and I would surely need device drivers and allow cookies and service updates.

I dislike nagging service updates immensely!