Switching to HTTPS

The site has been update to use HTTPS. This has required a slight change to the URL. The new address is:


HTTPS provides a level of security for your password when logging in.

Please let me know if you have any access issues.

To allow the switch to HTTPS to proceed, I'm planning to move the online examples to github pages.

I made a program to extract all the 'Code library' files to individual files:


The resulting files have been uploaded here:


These appear in github page here:


^ (note: http, not https)

You can download the entire set as a zip file:


The change won't happen until the next SmallBASIC update. It would be great to keep getting help maintaining the online samples (hope you're okay with the change MGA!)

I'm OK as long as I can access everything from this site as usual.

All this is for secure access to run the samples while On-line over the Internet, I am assuming.

I confess, I have lost interest when my Android device failed to run the samples properly from some Android update (I am assuming).
I haven't checked recently, but they did run fine as always on my laptop.

I thought I was seeing the samples at their worst over my Android device, so it was an interesting challenge to get them working both on my laptop with landscape screen and on Android device with touch screen (no mouse and crappy keypad) and portrait or landscape screen but with extremely different xmax, ymax and pixels per whatever...

I should explain something. I think On-line samples are particularly suited for Android devices because those who have laptops would prefer to try stuff out from code library. I have sort of had that in mind when picking out code samples. "What would be great for Android device or like with a cell phone?" Probably stuff that minimizes use of keypad and time, is my guess.