hello again, especially mark

i dont know my old login-- i just thought id say hello.

i tried signing up at cybermonkeys forum, but isntead of approving my account he deleted it and didnt get back to me. perhaps he thought it was someone pretending to be me, or perhaps it was personal. he hasnt emailed to say.

it doesnt really matter, i only signed up to say hello to you anyway.

and that was only because i noticed youd mentioned me on the forum. so hi!

Yes, Retro may be bad idea because Mike is there often. It might be fun for entertainment purposes but now we have Trump for that! ;-))

I saw your posts at FreeBasic forum, and almost signed up there to say hi to you!

So where are you at with fig or any new projects?

I have finally managed to get my own version of EVAL working at JB (actually 3 versions). Of course with SB, there is a much easier way to go. I think shian helped get it down to a one-liner or nearly that! Anyway, it was good practice.

You might be amused by our Bowling project.

indeed, i will have to check that out sometime.

figs going alright, im working with a very promising learner at the moment (what theyre called in the education reform circle... its no worse than "student" imo) and the distro (fig os) is alright.

one thing i was going to ask how you knew about the handle figosdev, but you explained that when you went to the fb forums.

youre probably right about the other forum-- eh, thats alright. no need to get lectured on how "linux" is a communist plot... :)

everything good on your end?

As a matter of fact, I celebrated my 63 birthday today. The power has been flickering on and off even before the storm has hit, which is unusual for us. Now the ground is covered with snow and I hear it's coming your way.

whoa! many happy returns. 63! yes, the snow wants us, and it wants us bad. if im not online tomorrow, im probably waiting for them to fix the poles outside.

then again its new england, so we do expect this sort of thing. and yet to hear people talk about it, youd think they were all here from north carolina!

Yes, the snow was more than I hoped for! It still is snowing.

ohhh Mark
Happy Birthday !
Also hallo to figOSDev ,,,or

....about retroB form hmm... Mark you have a right
Mike is too arogant and self-promoted freak who like to share bad vibrations,
you know how he attack me about toy-interpreter created by edDavis?
anyway my new forum is still open,,,
also gust posting is enabled too...


it really has to be said-- anyone using a dialect of BASIC as a foundation for elitism is missing the point by a continent or more.

im against using any computer language for purposes of elitism. elitism has no place in education, imo. building foundations and then building onto those foundations is what education is about. everyone starts where they do, and it doesnt determine where they go.

for what BASIC is really about: dtss.dartmouth.edu/everyoneaprogrammer.php (and no, how to pronounce his name properly isnt as important as his educational legacy. linus (LEE-noos) torvalds says people pronounce his name "ly-nuhs" depending where he goes. people would probably pronounce *my* name differently if i went to eastern europe. big deal, so what? relevant how?)

hypercorrection is a mark of projecting elitism onto the self, not of being elite. hey there, aurel.

Thanks! Nice to see you still look in once and awhile. Though I haven't registered with either of your new forums mipropia or it's backup, I do look in.

Eval was interesting as I was working on something with same name but yours goes beyond evaluating an expression towards another Tiny Basic which we have here already. Ah, always looking for another simple interpreter ;-))

Guest enabling is good, keeping the door open, I hope you don't get spammed.

Maybe you would allow someone to share SmallBASIC snapshots and zip files?

Yes, I was going to suggest the same for Retrogamecoding and Basicprogramming Forum (see Links from Home page) for snapshots and zip files, alas you have to register and Cybermonkey does take his time getting around to granting memberships, even Mike has complained to me about it at Aurel's forum not long before the "Toy Affair". Such diverse interests and personalities that group!

Retro... might be a resource for sharing large projects in SmallBASIC, if you manage to get registered and not engage with defensive people with large opinions of themselves. What is life without a little excitement and danger?

"What is life without a little excitement and danger?"

one persons idea of "excitement" is another persons idea of irritation, but sure.

***Maybe you would allow someone to share SmallBASIC snapshots and zip files?***
Of course Mark i can open whole new category for smallBasic if you wish ?
NO PROBLEM at all.

by the way...when we talk about RetroB forum...
that place is not good for any dialect or may i say for anything,
Cyb is not interested at all as we can see...i dont blame him
because he probably see that is small interest in general...
also people like Mike are just there to promote himself
like we care what kind of computers he have in his shi*y self-promotion.
he like to promote himself as expert ....and like to patronize to anyone.
yes we know that his fbsl forum is dead!
tomaaz on the other side is just lurker with high attitude
there are few others but post almost nothing
ok let me know
Menn you are also welcome because i study lot of python code in last month

thanks aurel, i went to the site but it requires javascript (usually i shut that off.)

you guys are welcome to (also) post smallbasic code at my unofficialdistros.freeforums.org site. it has a programming section-- and smallbasic works in gnu/linux.

the distro i use (im using it now) is "fig os" (it is though.)

its based on refracta. i.imgur.com/UIH6oc2.png

i know, youll probably hang out on aurels forum-- thats fine of course. as it should be.

I create account on your forum
I also can add board for other languages like python or maybe php..etc?

tell me what languages youd like boards for, i will definitely add *at least some* of them. i will start with python.

feel free to use the programming board for any languages that dont have their own board. thanks for joining, cheers.