SmallBASIC version 0.12.9 has been released


The changes are:

ANDROID: Allow input of special characters
ANDROID: Added share command
ANDROID: Fix '?' key input using gboard
ANDROID: Select alternative font
COMMON: Fix compile warnings from clang
COMMON: Removed debugging output from RUN (windows build)
COMMON: Allow array access via [] characters
COMMON: Can now attach SUB/FUNCs as MAP fields
COMMON: Clear out of scope CATCH variables
COMMON: Create MAP from single line JSON without ARRAY command
COMMON: Fix internal error handling long string variables
COMMON: Python style here-document
COMMON: Update parameter handling for performance
UI: Allow input of special characters
UI: Added "Save-As" option to the file menu (thanks Josip)
UI: CIRCLE drawing is now anti-aliased
UI: Fixed cursor when displaying the popup while editing
UI: Added menu widget (three vertical dots)
UI: Editor display cursor row/col position
UI: Improved CIRCLE performance
UI: Show unsaved indicator following paste
UI: Throw error when invalid .WAV passes to PLAY

Note: The "Online" menu samples are now hosted in github. This will allow this site to be switched over to HTTPS (to avoid sending plain text login passwords).

Nice! Everything seems to be working on my system, so far.

Yah verily, I say unto thee, thine application doth function without fault. Great joy and gladness doth insue. My gratitude I give thee freely. Thine handiwork surely exceeds beyond measure. I thank thee for thine efforts. Fair morrow to thee.


Thanks for all great improvements!

Unfortunately the program FileManager.bas in the Applications folder doesn't work in the new version. It returns an error on constructs like:

w.ask("Remove Dir ["+n+"] ?")

It worked in 12.8

Note that the '[' and ']' characters are in quotes.

Thanks for your hard work, and kind attention!