100 loc pl contest update: new entry with just over 66 hours until contest closes

luke has joined the 100 loc pl contest with what appears to be a qualified entry.

he is a talented coder with a novel idea-- it will be checked as thoroughly and scored as fairly as possible (as fairly as all other entries) per the contest criteria:

Originality * 3
Simplicity * 2
Brevity * 2
Features * 2
Documentation * 1

complete rules here: http://www.thejoyfulprogrammer.com/qb64/forum/showthread.php?tid=805

the current plan is still to announce the winner on the offical contest site (where the rules are posted in the included url.) this could be a very close finish-- the criteria will be carefully and thoughtfully measured and the numbers will determine the winner. many thanks to bplus for his early and excellent entry! it has a serious chance, and so does the competition.

note that chrisws also posted something during this time, which at least seems to meet the loc requirements.

if chris insists it is a programming language it will be rated as one (his sincerity is never doubted, only his precise intent unclear) from here it appear to be an app that says words over voice that are altered depending on how the android device is tilted? that was the last we heard from chris about any of this. his entry will be counted if it is intended as one, though a minor clarification (a reply of any sort) would be welcome.

a thank you to all contestants, expected and unexpected ones!

an exact date is not yet determined for the announcement of the winner; it will be as soon as possible from the time of the contest closing (jun 30, 00:00 utc)