Hi Chris


Hi Chris,

Have you ever looked into ProBoards?

A guy name Steve McNeil setup a forum as a backup resource for his work at the QB64.net "official" site for QB64 (several other sites based on QB64 also exist) and invited everyone at QB64.net to post their work there.

It is only 2 days old but people are going there to post or backup work, it looks nice, screen shots and attachments allowed!

I guess the first month is free of ads but it's advertised as free.

BTW, Walter's forum is down for time being. I am still posting SB stuff at Retrogamecoding.org but one has to be a member to see screen shots and attachments.

The big advantage of the current setup is being able to read the database to export the language guide as text. But now that email is no longer supported I guess some other solution is needed. Thanks for the link.

Hi Chris,

I hope you understand that I mean as a secondary forum. This is the big lesson from recent QB64 events, when the main forum went down there were still other QB64 forums for fans of QB64 (though an .org had to be setup for the wiki (a dated copy) and other vital extensions to PL like the GUI project). Do not keep your eggs in one basket, have backups not just for the official PL data and documents but for all the members as well.

For hobby programmers, socializing is as much a part of the whole experience as the PL. Need to be able to show screen shots and allow large file attachments for projects, a sort of pictures on refrigerator door or family album thing with a living room / kitchen table chit-chat place.

In this way, the libraries might be self managed with members given as much control over their threads as is reasonable.

Might be host of unanticipated problems too, and SmallBASIC might be too small?

Just some thoughts... :)


Or have the Green Peace group or similar figured out how to hack this forum?

It was me baby :)

I wouldn't normally pollute the site with this kind of thing. Just putting my annoyance out there, but I'll remove it soon.

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