3 Vertical dots in Android


Oh I had forgotten why I stopped worrying about Android.

Clicking the 3 vertical dots while running SmallBASIC was getting no response on my device which renders SmallBASIC useless for everything except running On-line samples on my device or running copy / paste files from Windows.

Without access to the right click pop-up menus, what can you do with SmallBASIC on Android?

Chris can you add some kind of button for those pop-up menus?

Are you running version 0.12.9 on Android? With that version the vertical dots are drawn and handled inside the SmallBASIC window, so are not dependent on any particular Android version.

The whole date is Sat April 15, 2017. The 3 vertical dots are within the screen, bottom right hand corner, very tiny. I just noticed that they do ride above the pop-up keyboard when the input command is used in a program. But no amount of tapping or holding activates the pop-up menu.

SmallBASIC must be toggled in RUN mode because On-line samples will run fine and files I load from Windows can be run on the device.

The files menu is also accessible because a pop-up menu is not needed for that access.

BTW what is Access Token?

I have noticed that timing is very different for detecting mouse click events (taps). For instance when playing Hangman, the first screen that you are supposed to click the mode in which to play the game, you sometimes have to click a line several times before the click "takes hold" though you can see it blink each time (maybe I can fix that with bigger delay or flag event...).

The 3 vertical dots don't even blink when tapped.

Oh! I have been meaning to ask if the functions on the pop-up menu can be accessed by alternate shortcut keys?
Never mind, the key pad can only handle one key at a time on 4 different boards.

The PEN(n) handling and the triple dots event are all driven from the same event handler, so there must be some low level issue particular to the nook. Have you tried comparing results with other apps?

The Access Token is a somewhat-secure security measure to protect the mini web server that starts when you provide a port number. The web server allows you to run programs from desktop SmallBASIC. If you browse to the port in a web browser you will see a simple UI allowing a program to be entered and run.

Oh I just noticed the 3 vertical dots aren't displayed when program is running. They are displayed when the Done press <- prompt is displayed and at the files display while in main window of SB and when a popup keyboard is displayed.

I wonder if I am stuck in run mode and need to change something in the SmallBASIC ini file if there is one in Android? so I can use the editor.