How to plot electric current density on metal surface

Yes ,,,question is about how properly calculate electric current
density on rectangular metal surface of patch antenna
in colors..
I found some codes in python but i cannot simply translate that
codes to BASIC.

Also there are few methods FDTD,MoM etc etc
any suggestion and example are WELCOME !

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Hi Aurel,

The electrical stuff is over my head. Looks like applied calculus with the delta t's in an FDTD formula I saw.

Happy New Year!

That's some serious math you have there... unfortunately math is my worst feature...

Do you have a sample of the python code or at least a link to it?

Are we planning to build a radio telescope or something similar? Just curious...

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and all best for CM and HNY..
no no i think that is not that complex as we think
but one thing is clear ...there is no many resourses about such a calculation
in fact there a 3 or 5 methods how to do that
python code which i found and present on qb64edition forum not work.
here is main thing:
how to plot density of electric current (in colors) on a rectangle surface area
which is usefull in building small wireless antennas for 2.4ghz
do you get it now.
so if someone found some similar code LET ME KNOW!