Quick question

Well... maybe not so quick....

How hard would it be to create a GUI for SB? Firstly, is it possible and secondly, how?

Although I enjoy using SB, I sometimes find it (not SB - the process) cumbersome. Fire up an editor. Save the file. Open SB and load the file.
I know, SB's editor can probably do most of this stuff, but I would like to know if SB can be made to "look" like other applications. I'm not sure if I am making any sense... no caffeine since 8am... I know, hard to believe.... I digress.

I suppose I've gotten used to a "file" > "load" / "save" system and was curious to know if the same can be done for SB...

Please make your answers simple... I'm not a programmer per se... If this is too involved, let me know, and pretend I didn't ask... lol

Have a great day.


I think you mean an IDE for SmallBASIC. IDE = Integrated Development Environment a place from which to edit and run SB code.

SB has one but is built differently.

The first screen you see when you run SB is the navigation screen, display files and folder the [go up] button allows you to navigate up the chain of folders to root of drive.

The .bas files are displayed in one color, the other folders below current another color. Click a file to run or edit.

To start a new file first navigate to the folder you want it in. Then use [file] button in top left corner.
This puts you in a different screen for doing file stuff.

Type the new file name on the 2nd line ( a primitive input line where arrows, home and end keys might not work).
Then click [New] button and that file will be started in the folder.

Now use the [<<] to go back to navigation window and click your new file to edit it.

Thank you. At the time of posting, do you think I could remember IDE? Nope! Completely out the window... IDE was what I meant to say. I am glad at least one of us knew what I was taking about... lol

I figured out navigating etc some time back. But thank you for the 'refresher'. As you are probably aware I can absorb and store everything but, at my age, recall seems to be my biggest problem... lol

I was just curious to know if the "IDE" (see, I remembered... lol) can be re-designed and if so how? (Not critical - just curious). At the moment I am using Geany as my editor, and once I figure it out, an IDE as well...

(on a sadder note: SDL is still down and I fear it may not rise again... Not being told why really irks me... grrr. I have all my favourite sites on my personal web page (SB is one.. wink, wink) but the list is shrinking... Good news is that I have to focus more on SB. Not sure how, but focus I must. I have already started translating some of my 'easier' sdl programs... Woo Hoo...) "Try? Do. There is no try."

I am beginning to struggle to concentrate... Caffeine deficiency... Must correct...

"A great day must you have, yes..."