Supported console codes – \e = chr(27)

\t tab (32 pixels)
\a beep
\r\n new line (cr/lf)
\xC clear screen
\e[K clear to EOL
\e[nG moves cursor to specified column
\e[0m reset all attributes to their defaults
\e[1m set bold on
\e[4m set underline on
\e[7m reverse video
\e[21m set bold off
\e[24m set underline off
\e[27m set reverse off
\e[3nm set foreground color.
\e[4nm set background color. where n:

0 black, 1 red, 2 green, 3 brown, 4 blue, 5 magenta, 6 cyan, 7 white

PalmOS only:

\e[8nm (n=0..7) select system font
\e[9nm (n=0..3) select buildin font