SmallBASIC syntax groups: 

Special Device Names

  • HTTP://[address]” Open a web site connection to the given address
  • “COM1:[speed]” Serial port 1
  • “COM2:[speed]” Serial port 2
  • PDOC:filename” Compressed PDOC files for PalmOS or PDB/PDOC files on other systems. PDOCFS opens and uncompress the file on OPEN; and compress the file on CLOSE. So, it will use a lot of memory and time (its depended on size of the data).
  • MEMO:memo-title” MemoDB of PalmOS or regular file on other systems. Memo records (virtual files) are limited to 3935 bytes
  • SOCL:server:port” Socket client. Actually a telnet client.
  • MMC:filename” eBookMan only. Opens an MMC file.
OPEN "COM1:" AS #1
OPEN "COM2:38400" AS #2