SmallBASIC syntax groups: 

System function FRE

20  FRE (x)
Returns system information. eg, 0 = free memory,

See examples

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Where x:


0 free memory
-1 largest block of integers
-2 free stack
-3 largest free block

Our standard (it is optional for now):

-10 total physical memory
-11 used physical memory
-12 free physical memory

Optional-set #1:

-13 shared memory size
-14 buffers
-15 cached
-16 total virtual memory size
-17 used virtual memory
-18 free virtual memory

Optional-set #2:

-40 battery voltage * 1000
-41 battery percent
-42 critical voltage value (*1000)
-43 warning voltage value (*1000)

The optional values will return 0 if not supported.