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Graphics command DRAW

20  DRAW “commands”
Draw lines as specified by the given directional commands.

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Graphics Definition Language

In the movement instructions below, n specifies a distance to move. The number of pixels moved is equal to n multiplied by the current scaling factor, which is set by the S command.

Un Move up.
Dn Move down.
Ln Move left.
Rn Move right.
En Move diagonally up and right.
Fn Move diagonally down and right.
Gn Move diagonally down and left.
Hn Move diagonally up and left.
Mxy Move to coordinate x,y. If x is preceded by a + or -, the movement is relative to the last point referenced.
B A prefix command. Next movement command moves but doesn’t plot.
N A prefix command. Next movement command moves, but returns immediately to previous point.
COLOR 9:PSET 80,80
DRAW "R50D70L25U25L15D25NR15"
DRAW "L10U50E25F25"
PSET 118,105
DRAW "R8U16L16D16R8U10NR8U6"
COLOR 12:PSET 100,117
INPUT "Who are you"; A$
? "Hello, ";A$;"!" 


How does S command work? I just tried it in the DRAW example in first DRAW string and I get error: "DRAW: Command 'S' unsupported."

This is how S command work in QBASIC (quote):

Sn  Determines the drawing scale by setting the length
     of a unit of cursor movement. The default n is 4,
     which is equivalent to 1 pixel.

So this should work just fine:

DRAW "S8L10U50E25F25"

But apparently S command is unsupported.