Math function ATAN2

20  ATAN2 (x, y)
Inverse tangent (x,y).

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'Both atan(n) and atan2(y, x) return an angle measured in radians.
'The return measure is from -pi to pi. In demo below it is converted
'to angle between 0 and 360 degrees.

'atan2 is better for detecting angle's quardrant because
'x and y are given separartely.
'y the vertical change is given first.

centerX = xmax / 2 : centerY = ymax / 2
pen on
while asc(inkey) <> 27
locate 0,20: ? "ATAN2 demo, used to detect angle of mouse to screen center."
line centerX, centerY, centerX + 200, centerY
at centerX + 210, centerY - 10 : ? "0 degrees (or radians)"
mouseX = pen(4)
mouseY = pen(5)
line centerX, centerY, mouseX, mouseY, 15 'draw line from center to mouse
differenceX = mouseX - centerX
differenceY = mouseY - centerY
a = atan2(differenceY, differenceX) '< notice y difference is listed first

'VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV atan2 returns neg number for angles > 180
if a < 0 then a += 2 * pi
'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ if want a = 0 to 2*pi, instead of -pi to pi

arc centerX, centerY, 100, 0, a 'draw the arc from 0 to angle
s = "Angle of mouse to center of screen ~ "+deg(a)\1+" degrees"
locate 30, 20 : ? s
delay 10