SmallBASIC implementations: 

I've wrote an article for the tcsh at learnXinYminutes site...
Well, looking for something for numeric expression, I did the following tests...

#### numeric expression replacement benchmarks
# tcsh '@' native loop, integer only = 0.09 sec
# tcsh '@' external, integer only = 8.20 sec
# each test executed at least 2 times to ensure that the program is loaded
# in cache

Interactive mode

SmallBASIC implementations: 


I've been trying to run smallbasic in interactive mode (on Ubuntu/Mint installations), but somehow haven't succeeded. I've built my smallbasic from the sources provided at the download section after applying the "linux console trick" as described somewhere on this page and - besides of the mentioned interactive mode - it seems to work just fine. Are there any known issues with interactive mode?


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